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Fandom related stuff will be public for a week before I f-lock them. Feel free to add me.  I don't automatically add back. If you want me to add you just ask and must have commented or talked to me before. I don't bite and love making friends. If there is anything you want to know feel free to ask.


Common Law Friending Meme

Help Please!!!!

Wow, I haven't really been posting here being busy with work and applications :( and other interests.

I was hoping that my lovely wonderful friends could help me out especially the spn fans. Does anyone have a copy of Collared Hearts by feather_touch I am going crazy trying to locate a copy. If you do please send it my way. I will pm you email address. Thank You in advance. I would really appreciate it.


Round 1 of How Well Do You Know Suits?

Round 1 is now open at suits_gen Come Join the fun HERE

Help spread the word please!!!

How Well Do You Know Suits?

source: suitscap, edits by roshni06

December is How Well Do you Know Suits Month!!!!
Check out the contest HERE at suits_gen

Sign up HERE by leaving a comment. First round will be up Tomorrow!

Please help spread the word!!!!!

Here is the code  for this post :
I was wondering if my lovely lovely f-list can help spread the word about this? Please and Thank You.

The Tentative Schedule is up but there is a poll going on about the running length of it.

Prompt Post Here
Writer Sign Up Here
Artist Sign Up Here
Beta Sign Up Here

Here is the Code for the above post

Gabriel Macht Graphic Editing

I was bored...really really bored and this was the result. I don't know where the picture is from but if you know let me know and I'll give full credit.

More Than A Harvard Drone

Title: More Than A Harvard Drone
Author: [info]roshni06
Fandom: Suits
Characters: Donna, Harvey, Mike
Rating: PG
Word Count: 417
Summary: Donna's first impression of Mike in "Pilot"
Disclaimer: This was written for fun. No money is being made and no copyright or trademark infringement was intended.
Author's Note: My first ever suits fic *yaaaaaaaaaaay* Thank you to my lovely  glasslogic and aubrey_roselee for the quick and wonderful beta-ing for the story. I don't know what I was thinking when I wrote this. As for the title, I am not sure, I might change it. What do you think of it? Feedback and Criticism is welcome and appreciated. I am sorry leoraine, I am still working on the prompt. I promise!

Mike Ross had managed to surprise Donna. Collapse )

Suits Gen Comm Promotion

Hi Guys,

I was wondering if my wonderful f-list can help promote suits_gen to their friends or other comms. If you're a sutis fan, come join or visit us!!!



Fics, Vids, Art, Graphics…anything can be posted here as long as it is Gen. Discussion and prompt/bunnies are allowed and encouraged. We currently have a comment meme and a friending meme going on.



Thank You. I would appreciate it very much!